It’s about the bigger picture

We start with informed decisions

Research before guesswork

Our commitment to research through usability testing, market research, benchmarking, design exploration, and technology development is what sets us apart. We know that when we can back up our decisions with data, everyone wins.

Strategic thinking when it matters most

We have years of hands-on experience in higher education and a background in agency work. Strategic thinking helps us blend the best of both worlds to give you a solution not just for where you are now, but where you’ll be in the future.

Planning a course for success

We believe that the best ideas start with a conversation. Those conversations lead to solutions and ideas. When it comes time to implement a solution, a detailed plan helps make the rest of the project run smoothly.

Leading to a strong user experience

Whether it's a website, web based application, or a mobile app

Good work doesn’t just happen. We approach work from an all-encompassing standpoint by combining creativity, strategy, and technology to find innovative solutions for the underlying problems your users face.

We believe that the greatest success comes from looking at the big-picture view. We take a step back and look at human needs and emotions before proceeding with a disciplined, thoughtful, and user-centered solution.

For mobile, desktop, and screens of all sizes

Modern websites need a competitive edge. We design with various screen sizes in mind so your final output works on multiple user interfaces, including desktop and laptop screens of all sizes, tablets, and smartphones.

And powered by an easy-to-use interface for

Content management

For many university projects, our go-to Content Management System is Drupal. We're experienced with it and find that it adapts well to a wide range of needs. Sometimes, Drupal isn't the right fit and our expertise in content management system selection and implementation can save you time and headaches. We've worked with everything from open source solutions like Wordpress, Squiz Matrix, Typo3, and Drupal, to commercial solutions like Cascade, Collage, OmniUpdate, TerminalFour, and Percussion.

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