Higher Education Digital Marketing — News Roundup

Ideas & Insights for July 11, 2017
How Google Took Over the Classroom Source: How Google Took Over the Classroom. Via VentureBeat.

The latest roundup of articles and tools that our team hopes will be of value in your work as higher ed professionals:


  • Apple and community colleges partner together for the future of apps. Via Axios.
  • How Google took over the classroom. Via NYTimes.
  • Machine learning has the potential to both transform the nature of teaching and learning. Via EdTechMagazine.
  • Chief Marketing Officers live between the worlds of Enrollment and Advancement. Good article on How Marketing and Institutional Advancement Should Work Together. Via InsideHigherEd.
  • Dispelling Myths about the Online College Student — is local campus important? Are they older? Financial incentives impactful? Via EdTechMagazine.



  • Instagram implements an AI system to fight mean and harassing comments.
  • Heat Maps - extremely powerful, but largely misused. Demystifying website heat maps: a complete guide for enterprise buyers. Via EyeQuant.
  • Recreate your computer working environment in two clicks — very convenient for developers working on multiple projects!
  • Has your school made the switch to HTTPS? An in-depth guide on how to implement it. Via Smashing Magazine.
  • Google Lens — learn how new AI technology brings smarts directly to your phone’s camera, and many other applications, such as naming a flower you’re about to photograph.

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