In-Depth Discovery
UX Research for Higher Ed
R&D believes in the value of data to drive the UX for our higher education partners. This intel helps drives our overall strategy and recommendations for client institutions.
Innovative research tools

Market research uniquely designed for universities & colleges.

We’ve partnered with eduOutcomes to develop innovative market research tools for our college and university partners. eduOutcomes is a comprehensive, analytics firm devoted to providing solutions related to data collection and analysis. Since 2007 they have worked with more than 60 institutions of higher education.

User surveys

UX Profile Research

Targeted online surveys designed to inform customized web and digital strategies. Data provides insights for designers and developers so they can further enhance the online experience for targeted stakeholders.

Go deeper with your users

UX Roadmap

Discover more about your users with UX Roadmap, a report detailing important research findings and includes customized recommendations to improve the online experience for internal and external audiences. The report will leverage innovative design-focused methods to help institutions become more user focused. UXRM allows schools to strengthen their ability to personalize the web experience for individual users. Data-based online personas for key audience segments will be included as part of UXRM.